maaliskuuta 08, 2007


Spring is now definitely making its first move towards this direction. They've promised degrees above zero for the next few days, which pleases me greatly. An occasion for a bit of a spring-dance, me almost thinks. Except that I don't really dance.

I am tired again. It's not even eight o'clock and I'm already tired. Yesterday I fell asleep on the couch around this time, struggling through a German book about early modern procedural law, which was just a touch too much for my language skills. But I have to practice if I am going to manage in Frankfurt later this year. That's my excuse for hanging on the German forums. Just learning the language...

I went to see "The Painted Veil" today with the girls. I rather liked it: a somewhat modernised version of W. Somerset Maugham's book by the same name. Extremely beautiful scenery, good acting (Edward Norton, Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber) and an enjoyable plot. I haven't actually read the book, but I did some googling just now. After the literature class it is really easier to notice how tied to their time and context books are. The story in the movie is apparently pretty much the same as in the book, but the morality is that of the 21st century. As it has to be to speak to the people of this time and age. It's only when reading old books that one notices how different values people really had before.

Bugger. Too tireeeeeeeeeed. Can't form a sensible thought anymore. Maybe I'll watch some TV and put the last brain cells to sleep.

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