tammikuuta 04, 2008

Alles Gute zum...

I am having one of those days again. You know, when the thought suddenly strikes that something clever ought to be written instead of "I went to the store and bought a hat and three new shirts". Shopping is not a subject that inspires all that cunning contemplation.

Although, I did start to wonder yesterday whether I would be more inclined towards shopping if I had more money. Is my aversion to shopping partly a "defense" mechanism? Since I don't have enough money to buy whatever I want - and still have enough for the rainy day - have I convinced myself that shopping is unnecessary? That new clothes and spending money is something akin to superficiality and extravagance?

The question of course is - or one of them anyway - that if I have so convinced myself, can I unconvince myself? Should I? Does this have anything to do with the fact that I saw a preliminary assessment of my new paycheck? Which, if the amount promised is true, has made me a happy supporter of UPJ (uusi palkkajärjestelmä). If the amount promised is true, my new salary will almost reach the average Finnish wage. Which is actually kind of sad. I am apparently going to get a 40 percent raise and I still won't make the average salary. I would bitch, but I am still looking too much forward to the monthly couple of hundred extra euros on my account.

Now I will go home and continue that quite interesting book on methodology in the train; get ready for M's gig tonight and come back to grading papers next week.

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