helmikuuta 24, 2008

Have eaten too much

Almost forgot to write again. I'm back from the East; the vacation is over and Monday awaits just around the corner.

It's much more of a winter there. Real snow, but the effect is different; it is a bit different thing to look at apple trees than to gaze at an ugly parking lot. Snow isn't enough to make a suburb beautiful and on vacation, in the countryside you do not need to brave slippery roads at seven in the morning. There you can make fires on ice, have sausages and watch the dog play. In the city snow doesn't really provide any benefits.

I didn't do any work. I vaguely considered, but very soon decided against. I finished Pamuk's "My name is Red" and finally read the last Harry Potter. Not the best of fantasy, but you still don't want to put the book down before you've finished it. Yesterday I started with Peter Høeg's Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow. The title tempted me - Lumen taju in Finnish and something fitting to continue this theme of snow related books. And why not the spirit of the day. Snow, snow, snow...

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