elokuuta 17, 2009

Intervention over

The replies are almost done. Bloody excellent. It’s amazing how much more one can get done at home – or more importantly without the net.

I’m taking a break, some coffee, blueberry pie that I made earlier today and Rammstein playing in the radio. They are going to start touring again this year and I have no tickets. Strange. Blasphemy. Or rather addictions diminishing when people don’t say anything in years. I do still intend to find out if it is possible to get tickets. Apparently they aren’t coming to Finland this time, but I am willing to travel pretty far to catch another concert. Last time I tried to get tickets to their concert abroad it was just so very difficult that I gave up. One needed an address in Germany or something.

I finished Härkönen’s book yesterday. Reading felt very good. At home I usually choose the net or TV instead of reading, but reading should win that competition more often. It felt “normal” – like part of life instead of avoiding it. Härkönen’s books are good although I don’t really like her way of leaving the end so open. I didn’t particularly like the main female character of her book either. Not that she wasn’t nice as such – and deep definitely – but she was judgmental. Very very judgmental and clingy. Of course it was because I could understand her husband 100 % and it felt strange that she was so blind that she couldn’t. Pushy selfish women for some reason annoy me much more than pushy selfish men.

Got most of them done, then I got access again. I don't know whether to be happy or sad. Most certainly I haven't done any work since getting back online.

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