syyskuuta 30, 2005

work, work, work - and posting...

The blank page is trying to seduce me. Look at that, letters, sentences, ideas, thoughts, feelings… Can you tell that I’ve only slept for about five and a half hours last night? It was closer to midnight before I got to bed. I saw the documentary about Arwin Meiwes, the cannibal of Rotenburg – all sing together now “Heute treff ich einen Herrn, der hat mich zum Fressen gern…” – and I just had to finish my Japanese crossword puzzle before switching off the lights. And since our course in Enlightenment had been scheduled for 8 to 10, I really couldn’t sleep in.

I think we managed to establish that the ideas of the Enlightenment weren’t as novel as the general, public view would hold. The next time we will concentrate on the actual philosophers instead of the background. I should reread Rousseau and go find a copy of “The Spirit of the Laws” – I can’t believe I still haven’t read it.

I also got the student’s seminar papers on Roman Law this morning. Every single one returned in time; well, the last one, according to the honourable time-recorder of my mailbox, only thirty seconds before the end of the deadline, but still. Considerable progress. It also seems as if they have really put some effort on those papers. I haven’t read the papers yet, but the students have looked up extra literature and the lists of contents suggest that they have been quite thorough. Hopefully I’m still as pleasantly surprised after reading the papers.

I checked yesterday the pictures I took at the Archives in Vaasa last week. They worked out quite well and I am able to read the text. At least if I enlarge the pic enough; that 18th century handwriting can be a puzzle enough, so sometimes it is necessary to stare at the letters long and hard. I think I’ll add an example for you to look at, when I get home. I haven’t saved them to the work computer yet.

Today is going to be one of those days, which go by faster than you can click your tongue. In a couple of hours A & A are having a small farewell party – well, I don’t know if you can call it a farewell “party”; coffee and cake anyway – since they are both leaving us. People are always coming and going at the Institute. That’ll be fun, but I can only stay for about half an hour, since I have to go tell the new Master’s of Law about the Finnish Lawyer’s Association (Suomalainen Lakimiesyhdistys) at the event which the Association of Finnish Lawyers (Suomen Lakimiesliitto) – could the names be more similar? – always organises for the graduates. For some reason they are not having the event in their usual premises, but at the hotel next to the University. I wonder why. Are there too many people and this will be only one-time incident or have they decided that it is fancier or something and we’ll be there from now on? Well, one way or the other. It’s closer to me this way and as long as the food is as good....

I should start reading the seminar papers now – or about the long term effects of the enlightenment. Or maybe I should find out if we are going to have that party tonight or not: shrimps and schnapps. Hmmm, I like the sound of that... Shrimps..... Ok, I’ll stop now and do some work.

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