lokakuuta 01, 2005

Interior decorating

The cat just spent about twenty minutes watching a nature documentary. I don’t know if she was interested in the sounds or the animals. I thought it was the birds at first, but she seemed to like the elephants and foxes just as much. Detective stories clearly aren’t her thing; she left as soon as the documentary was over.

I shouldn’t start to watch this either. It’s almost eight o’clock, so it’s time for sauna. Well, it was later than I thought. I’m back now, all fresh and clean. Going to sauna is always just as good and relaxing – well, figuratively speaking anyway: it can hardly be just as good and relaxing every single time. The sauna in our building isn’t the most comfortable in the world; it’s clean, it’s functional, but it has kind of clinical, cold feeling about it. Well, it’s still a sauna.

There’s a Jude Law –movie on TV tonight, but I don’t know if I am too tired to watch it. We did have the party yesterday and it was just after one o’clock before I was home; before I was ready for bed it was closer to two. I didn’t have anywhere to go this morning, but I couldn’t sleep anymore after nine. So I got up, discovered that there is something wrong with my toaster, that most of the tomatoes had already gone bad, read the newspaper and had to tell the cat to move just once. The kitchen table is almost the only place from where she can look out, so she is allowed there. It’s slightly annoying only when I’m trying to read the paper and she feels like she absolutely has to be petted. Or when she gets interested in the food.

We went to Ikea today – and were not the only ones there. The lines were still moderately short and I don’t think we stood there for more than 10-15 minutes. I didn’t get anything big: a small rug, light bulbs, batteries, that sort of stuff. I haven’t managed to come back from there with so little in a long time. My apartment is really starting to look like a model case for Ikea.

I think I need to do something to my house, but I’m still not really sure what my style is. The living room especially needs something, since it’s where I spend most of my time. I need a proper desk, an armchair or two and paintings, maybe. The aquarium might look better as well, if there were actually water and fishes in it. And a stereo, I need a stereo. Maybe I ought to spend a little. New curtains for the kitchen and painting that section above the window, I think that might do the trick there. The kitchen can be the new red room, not the living room. I’d planned it to be blue when I moved, but I never got around to it, since my couch is red. But that’s no big deal. I don’t need a new couch, since it is one of those Ikea-ones the fabric of which you can change. Other than that I don’t really need to get rid of anything else. Yeah, I do think I will spend a little.

Yaaaaaawwwnnn, getting...more...tired, but I think I’ll try to watch the movie anyway.

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