lokakuuta 11, 2005

process writing

It was so foggy this morning that I could hardly see anything from the window. For a moment I wondered whether it was snowing outside. But no, still as warm as it has been for weeks. It is – as the venerable newspaper tells us – so warm that this kind of weather in October occurs only once in about a hundred years.

I went to work a little later than usual and walked to the railway station in Myyrmäki. The teenagers of the local junior highschool were on recess and I had a sudden horrid 80’s flashback. Some of their clothes were really…..weird. Or maybe I’m just getting old.

This was again one of those not the most productive of days – I had lunch with E, coffee with H and practised my Swedish. That’s useful isn’t it? Languages are always important. Right? Even if the practise consists of translating you know what. The net community was happy. ;-)

Thankfully we did also have the post-graduate seminar today. Nothing strictly scientific, but a lecture on process writing instead. Some excellent suggestions, which I am going to try out tomorrow. Let’s see if I can draw mind maps. Maybe I could figure out whether there is some point in my idea for the third, appeal-chapter; I had thought of concentrating on the process of establishing the correctness of a court case and on how during different times it has been understood to be possible to arrive at the truth. What is the “measuring stick” against which you scrutinise an appealed case during the era of law of nature? How do the changes in the epistemology of truth – can one say so – affect the superior courts? It’s such a mess in my head still. First thing I should do is probably to read Kevät’s book again and see how much exactly she has written about all of that already. I don’t remember, but obviously I can’t be redoing what she has already done.

There is always talk about time management during process writing -courses too. It got me seriously thinking about my working hours on my way to home. I am completely free to decide when I work. If I would wish to sleep during the days and work at night I could do that. That’s not what I want, but I could live more accordingly to my natural rhythm. During holidays I tend to go to bed after midnight and get up later. I could do that. And I have trouble concentrating on reading at work, which is why I could read at home. It seems to be the easiest for me to read during the evenings, whereas writing is better in the morning. Afternoons are not so good for me concerning anything that requires brains. Maybe I could seriously try that. Get up a little later, go to work for maybe four hours, then do some sports, fiction, have a life, and then read for another three to four hours during the evenings. Ooh, that sounds rather brilliant. I would try it already tomorrow, but there’s the compa-seminar on the afternoon and I’m going. I can’t do it on Thursday either, because there is the movie and on Friday we are going to Imatra again; well, next week then.

Ok, I’ll try to do some translating again before I fall asleep.

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