lokakuuta 07, 2005


Rammstein’s new single was supposed to be out today, but the stores were a big black hole. They told me to come back next week, around Wednesday or so. Buahaa, I wanted the single today, not next week. I don’t particularly like singles, I have no interest in remixes and I have heard Benzin already a number of times. It’s not even among my favourite Rammstein-songs by a long stretch, but still I wanted it.

So no Benzin; one good interview though, with Schneider. He has such smart things to say.

In addition to this being the day of Benzin with no Benzin, today was also about the last day of the drama course. The plays were excellent again. My group had gotten their togas out and I think they had managed to incorporate the legal elements into their play better than any of the groups I have seen in three years. It was still funny, and so was the play of the other group too. Theirs was about bastards, murder and an inheritance in 15th century Florence. Drama courses are possibly the best form of teaching there is – at least they are the funniest by far.

We also decided to switch the cases for the Enlightenment course since I won’t be here during the last session. So that means that I have to have my second case ready for Monday. I wrote the first version today, so that’s no problem. What is the problem is the fact that I haven’t really read anything about the human rights -development or the entire modernity-discussion yet. If I wish to do things properly I ought to read three-four books before Monday morning. I think I know what I will be doing this weekend.

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