lokakuuta 19, 2005


I’m at my sisters tonight. They left for Barcelona earlier today to visit my other sister and I’m minding the dog for a day. My youngest sister will take care of her for the rest of the week, since I can’t be away from home for so many nights. The cat would never forgive me.

The dos is licking my neck which is slighly annoying. She usually does that only when she is tired, but she seems active enough. Not as insanely energetic as usual, but still active enough. Hmm, spoken too early, I see. She’s actually fallen asleep.

Alright, so today I did prepare myself mentally and went shoe-shopping. In the end I got two pairs of shoes, two handbags and some make-up, since I didn’t really pack properly for this nighting out. Shopping is always a weird experience, since I’m still not certain of my style. There are the opposite ends of the feminine-elegant and the makeup-less, worn jeans and old t-shirts -style. Something in the middle would probably be good once again.

Oops, seems like not everyone else knows how to dress either. Andrea Merkel in TV right now in an absolutely hideous dress. A pink princess-dream, which an adult woman who wishes to be taken seriously should not be caught dead in. Hmm, that was perhaps a bit too categorical, but certain type of women really should not dress in little girly princess-dresses. Not that it really matters how a person dresses, but still clothes are part of the image and message you give out. If you are a public figure, you pretty much have to think about that kind of things too. We mere mortals are luckier.

I’m watching DW, since my sister has cable, which I don’t. There’s some program on about People & Politics and they want to know what the viewers think on the question “Do women approach politics in a different way than men?” They seem to think that Germany’s politics are going to turn into a “softer” direction just because Merkel is going to enter the chancellorship. Do they really think that women can’t be hard? Merkel or no Merkel – and that woman is hardly the softest in the world to have gotten so far – just the fact that the Green party is out and the Conservatives are in should tell anyone that the direction is not going to turn towards anything “softer”.

News in German. I can actually understand some of this. Excellent. There’s the Forum Junger Rechtshistoriker in Frankfurt next May; if I really put some effort into it, maybe I would actually be able to speak German there this time. That would be lovely.

There’s no point to my ramblings tonight, is there? Maybe I should just wake the dog up and take her out for a walk. Jep, Maija, wakey, wakey... Out we go...

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