marraskuuta 10, 2005

a, b, c, d, sing with me...

It's 10.30. How can it be 10.30? It was six o'clock only a minute ago. And why on earth am I still working? I stayed home today to finish the first case for next week's PBL-course (that's Problem Based Learning for those who wish to learn yet another abbreviation). Hah, this is the fourth course I'm teaching this fall. No matter, I like teaching - especially courses like this. Yup, but I read the book, which took nearly seven hours and now - admittedly amidst some heavy net-surfing - I have tried to write the case. I'm only half-done and I can't write another word anymore. Have to finish it Saturday, because tomorrow is another busy day.

From now on I think I am going to start working at home at least two days a week. I get so much more done this way.

Brains have short-circuited again. Cannot think anymore. Yeah, I better just clickety-click the "publish" button.

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