tammikuuta 12, 2006

Thor's day

Today for awhile it felt like spring. It's been above zero a couple of days and around here everything is icy and downtown the snow has pretty much melted away. I went to the main library of the University to get some more books to take with me to this cat-sitting trip of mine. Wait, I didn't mention that yet, did I? I'm taking off to Imatra on Saturday for two weeks because the parental units are heading to Egypt. I'll be minding their cat and mine, which stayed there after Christmas to wait for my return. The poor thing expressed so loudly her displeasure at the thought of travelling in the car again for a three hours and more, that we thought it best to leave her to enjoy the bigger house and some feline company.

Yeah, but the springly feeling. Next to the University main library there is this patch of land, from where the snow had completely melted away revealing a still nicely green lawn. That was so lovely - green nature-stuff in January! Purty. Well, spring of course is still two-three months away, so one can't start getting too excited yet.

The sales in some of the book-stores started today. I checked one place and got myself three books with less than 12 euros alltogether: one book by Imre Kertész and two by JM Coetzee. I've also been going through a pre-sale catalogue by another bookstore and I'm trying to decide where to draw the spending limit. They have something like twenty books that I'd like and even if the books are terribly cheap that would be more than 100 euros. On the other hand do I really spend on anything other than books? Nope. I'll have to drop by there tomorrow and see if it is possible to get someone else to pick up the order. It needs to be done by the 28th of January at the latest and I'll still be in Imatra then.

I was also planning to go to the movies today, since they had a 5 € day, but I wasn't the only one with that particular plan. Everything worth watching sold out by the time I turned up, so I walked to the bus stop and came home to make some dinner. I had my heart set on making some pasta with chilitomato-sauce, onions, garlic and red peppers and I had everything chopped down by the time I realised I have no pasta. Since I am a lazy soul, I decided to get creative instead of heading to the store again and so I used rice instead. It was actually very good. And despite this fairly late eating I've lost weight again. Yay, happy.

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