toukokuuta 30, 2006

The move is approaching

The faculty will be moving to Porthania in a couple of weeks, now that the renovations are done. Or nearly done. We went to see our new wing today and the building was still full of people trying to get everything ready in the remaining three weeks.

Porthania does look all shiny and light now. I've never really liked Porthania as a building, but I'm almost ready to change my mind. Everything looked so much better even though they haven't really done all that much to the place. Especially the rooms looked nice with the new shelves and big window ledges. I'll be getting a room all for myself, which is great. I'm very much looking forward to decorating it - pics on the walls, pillows on the window ledge, flowers and a quilt or something for the couch, which I am apparently getting too. And yay for that, since couches are the best place for reading.

I'm almost sorry that the summer vacation is coming to interrupt the enjoyment of the new room.

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