marraskuuta 13, 2007

Es regnet

I think I've finally got the Kolloquium-paper to a point, where I am ready to pass it on. I still have to figure out what I am going to say, but I will leave that for later. And then I have to write the paper for Copenhagen. I had hoped to be able to use a part of this paper without modification for Denmark, but it just won't do. They have heard me talk too often and things that are obvious for a Scandinavian, need some explaining for a German audience. That is perhaps one reason why I actually liked writing the first part of this paper. It was easy to fill lines with information that you couldn't use back home.

Hmm, it's raining again. Rain, rain, rain. It rains all the time. And gets dark so early. I realised today that I may have to change my daily rhythm a little. I need to start going out for walks again and I don't like walking in the dark. By the time I finish working, it is already getting dark, so I guess I'll just have to take a break during the day from now on.

Yep, well, I can't come up with anything to write today, so I'll just go make myself some jam sandwiches and then get on with the rest of the evenings program. I haven't done my writing yet and I hope to finish my book today. I should also work on my dragons a little and maybe learn some German. Probably a bit too much for one evening, but we will see.

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