joulukuuta 14, 2007

Less than a week left

The party yesterday was nice, even if the singing practice before that was actually more fun. I ended up sitting at the end of one table with few other relatively quiet people, which is why the conversation didn't precisely flow. The food was excellent though and the program quite entertaining.

Today I finally managed to go to the university library to copy this book for M. The place was much easier to find than I had thought and after some initial confusion I got my hands on the book itself. I had to wait a little while, since someone had originally marked the book as missing and so I took a look at the library. It seemed quite huge and very cozy. As I fetched my things from the locker I felt like a student again. I still often do, even though I am starting to agree with the old people, who say that the student years are wasted on the youth. At least all I did was study these boring subjects, which didn't interest me in the least, sat in the library for hours and hours and did hardly anything fun. No, those years haven't really left much of an impression on me.

Afterwards I went to the movies again and sat awhile in the Spanish Café, which has become something of a personal favourite of mine. I still want to try their waffles, so I think I have to head there one more time next week. Among all the other things that need doing. Tomorrow I will do none of them though, since I am going to Heidelberg. Yay! I think I perhaps need to google the sights a bit before actually hopping into the train. Yep, that is what I will do, so merry weekend to ya all!

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