lokakuuta 01, 2007

Good Monday today

Today I very strongly felt that it was time to do something real. When you spend too much time just writing and reading for work and then writing and reading some more for fun, you eventually realise that too much is too much. Or at least that sometimes you need to do other things too. Since there is the cleaning lady around, I'm almost down to doing the dishes for any physical labour these days.

There were no gardens around or houses to paint, no fires to start or metal workshops to enroll for, so I had to settle for what I could think of. I baked an apple pie earlier and then later I headed out to town and went to buy some supplies. I made a short stop in a nice Spanish cafe, got served by a rather nice looking waiter, had a lemon beer and some tapas and sat there reading Simone de Beauvoir again. It was very lovely. I spent a moment thinking of the foremothers of hundred years ago and how much more opportunities to see the world I have than they did. Yeah, I really like this German experience.

Then I came home and did some playing around with glue, scissors, paper and coins. I made myself a little tealight-holder and then threw the paper clippings and some thread on a piece of paper just for some artistic affect. The tealight-holder is now being tested to see if it actually works or if it will heat the coins too much. The clippings and paper thing is not any kind of masterpiece by any standards, but it is also partially functional since the thread is capable of holding little notes. I think I may experiment some more later and see if I couldn't make something better.

I've decided to embrace all my artistic sides, you see, and try to get rid of the rational me. This also involves going out with my hair tied back and in my dad's old zip sweater. It got the waiter to flirt with me, so apparently it works much better than the lawyery sort of jackets.

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