lokakuuta 29, 2007

More things to learn

Today was one of those days when it was very difficult to get going. I managed to write couple of e-mails, do the dishes, finish Thunander and then clear out of the room before the cleaning lady turned up. I needed a new book, so I finally went knocking on people's doors.

There's this book about argumentation that I had tried to borrow already during the first week I came here. It was out, so I tried again about a month later, but the same professor still had it. Today I had no more sensible options to read and I really needed to figure out a thing or two about argumentation, so I practiced a couple of sentences of German and headed to his room. He turned out to be very friendly and dug out the book for me from his bookshelf. That was much easier than I had thought. He looks angry in his official photo and I as a rule don't talk to angry or emotional people unless I absolutely have to. But the photo was just a sham and he smiled like Santa Claus to me and I got my book.

Now I have a week to finish it. I read the two first articles today and realised that it is not really that I have only forgotten all about argumentation, it's more that I have never really even got it. I have studied all this stuff and it is slowly coming back to me - interpretation theories and all that - but I have never really properly understood what it means in practice. I still don't. Or the difference between a question of fact and a question of law as applied to real cases - not at all clear to me.

Well, at least now I know that I don't know. Earlier I didn't even know that I didn't know. I'm not at all sure though which one is better.

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