lokakuuta 01, 2007

In exile

I have been banished into exile again. It´s a cleaning day and I don´t like to be in the room when the cleaning lady comes.

I spend two hours every morning transcribing the court cases and I´ve come to the conclusion that my cases won´t speak to me. They have never really spoken to me. Or rather when I hear of Daniel Pekuri heading to the fields in the morning and bunching Anders Pekuri in the presence of numerous witnesses, I want to know why. When I read of Andres Aulin with his criminal past being involved as the only witness for the prosecution in a number of cases of illegally manufacturing alcohol, then I want to know why. Has he become an honest citizen like the prosecutor claims - the prosecutor who is getting two thirds of the fines - or is he rather making up tales to bring rewards to himself. I want to know who these people were and most importantly what made them do all those deeds. What did they think and what was their world like. I want to know their stories.

But considering anything that vaguely resembles a reasonable, legitimate legal historical viewpoint, the cases just don´t want to tell me anything. Everything they whisper to me, has been written already by another pens. Except for the stories of these people they won´t speak of anything that would be truly fascinating or interesting.

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