lokakuuta 08, 2007

Need sleep

Gosh, I am tired.

Today was a good day. T from Helsinki is here for a week and we went out tonight to have dinner. The local places didn't look all that promising, so we headed downtown and had pizza near St. Paul's. Afterwards we walked around downtown for a while and then had a beer in the local football club's bar near the institute. That was a cute little place in the end of a narrow dark road, just us and a couple of local men and a few guys outside playing football. It was all much, much fun.

I have to say that using a language that one can actually speak is a wonderful thing. And it is even better to use that language talking with someone who really listens, is genuinely interested in what you have to say and doesn't judge. There aren't too many people like that in the world. Although perhaps more than I used to think.

Hmmm, I've really been brainwashed by school years to expect the worst of people, haven't I? I should listen to those existentialists, shouldn't I? Everyone creates the meaning of their own existence. If it is about a choice, can I not choose to believe that people want good? Choose not to be defined by the past.

I hope it is so easy.

Yep, people are the worst thing in life, but they are also the best.

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