lokakuuta 23, 2007

My back still complains

This morning I read two short presentations from the 50's Deutschen Juristentages and realised that I have forgotten nearly everything about modern procedural law. I was thinking about re-reading some of those books a couple of years ago, but they looked so utterly boring that I never got around to it. Everything that has to do with contemporary dogmatic jurisprudence, whether it is material or procedural law holds very little interest to me.

Yeah, I guess I mentioned before that I studied law for all the wrong reasons. To some degree I had watched too much TV, but mostly I was looking for protection. As I said before, school wasn't always the best for me and I had this strange idea that if I was a lawyer no-one would dare to be rude or mean to me ever again. I would have the protection of law on my side and I would be untouchable.

Surprisingly, that didn't turn out to be quite so. Law isn't about protection and justice, but about lot's of technical rules. Considering the things that interested me in law, I probably should have studied psychology and moral philosophy or some such thing. But I didn't. I studied law instead.

When I decided to apply to the university and went to the library to borrow some books about law, what did I take from the shelf? Books about legal history, never about law. I always thought I would figure out which fields of law interested me during the studies, but none of them really did. I liked legal history, sociology and philosophy. I liked languages. And all right, I did like PM's course about critical criminal law, but he showed movies and I rather assume he talked about moral philosophical issues.

But I never really liked law as such. Some books were okay, most were dreadfully boring and an odd one here and there was even relatively interesting. I did mostly quite alright, but I was always a surface learner. If a thing doesn't interest me, I've never been able to figure out why I should bother to deep learn it. And so I never did.

Yep, I never did and therefore I had forgotten for instance what applying law in the courts really means. What it involves and what judges do when they decide cases. It's a bummer, but I think I have to read some of those procedural books after all.

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