lokakuuta 25, 2007

I'm annoyed - which is much better than being bored

The dissy was getting me really frustrated today. I started going through the cases, but it took nearly four hours to manage just twelve of them. Just writing down some basic info, none of which still got to the actual dissertation. And since there are 500 of the cases, well, at this pace that means quite a few days... Plus then there are still those 3000 pictures worth of protocols and case files that I have not even transcribed yet. I have to see whether I would be able to just read them, since giving them just two hours per day would still require five months.

Yeah, I just hope I don't have to redo this one day too. I don't mind doing it, even if it is slow; it's just frustrating not to be sure, whether it is the right stuff I am even looking at. I'm reading Thunander and I see what he considers as "arguments" and "motivations", but he is looking at punishments in individual categories of crime. What do I get, except that the appeal court was a stickler for the procedure being flawless and investigations thorough? That's hardly anything new or surprising.

Bah, frustrating. I had to get out of the house after working, so I headed out to town. The fall is definitely here, so I couldn't enjoy sitting outside anymore, which is a bummer in itself. I've never been able to figure out what one can do in a city beyond sitting outside reading a book, walking around, shopping or going to the movies or museums. I wanted something more "active" than movies and I don't really like shopping all that much, so I chose the museum option. Unfortunately I only had less than an hour there, since it closed at six, but it was still refreshing.

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