lokakuuta 09, 2007

Working is better again

I am so full that it is crazy. Seriously, I look like I was five months pregnant. Yargh.

We had lunch with T in the Chinese place nearby. It's been awhile, since I have had Chinese. It's been four years and some since I've been in that particular place. Yep, I like Chinese.

T gave his presentation today and I went to watch. The woman who talked to me last time came to talk to me again and we finally settled on a date of my presentation. End of November, which means that I still have some time to write it. She suggested that I would concentrate on methodological questions and problems with the archive material - maybe use a case study for it. Sounded good to me. I mean it's not like I don't have problems with the archive material. I have to think about it soon, because maybe I could come up with something that I could use in Copenhagen too. If I can't, I'm not sure that I will be going.

I borrowed Thunander's book today - Hovrätt i funktion. I think I have read that book already like three times, but I still couldn't remember any of it. I was hoping he would have a clear structure in the book and I could do something very similar. You know, to figure out what people think is interesting about the functions of an appeal court. I can use some of it, but most of his questions are so 17th century and criminal law specific that it probably won't really work with my material. Darned too.

It did get me to write about the hemställte mål. Have been writing until now. But I am again just making charts and writing the cases instead of really saying anything. Maybe I should just read Thunander first and then see what is important about them anyway.

I think I have to go write a wee bit of fiction now. Yesterday was the second day when I didn't write at all and I can't make it two days in a row. One day is okay, but two days are a beginning of a habit and this is something that I really don't want to give up.

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