syyskuuta 18, 2007

First colder day

Today I've been to the movies. To see how the German Kinos work and to find out it I would understand the language. The result was that I didn't get quite all of it, but enough to be able to comfortably follow the story. Reminded me actually a little of the first time of going to the movies in the States. I didn't get all of it then either even though my English was better already then than my German is now.

I went to the movies after having just come from a bookstore, where I purchased a good grammar guide and a practise book. I can understand written German better and better, but I came to the conclusion that if I want to leave here speaking fluent German, I have to start actively practising. So now I have the books for that. We'll see how that works.

Jep, but what else. I booked the train and the hotel for the Augsburg trip yesterday. I have also tried to decide where else I would like to go, since there are lots of free weekends and quite a good amount of relatively cheap trips on offer. Oh, jeeee. It seems I am going to do all of the travelling that I didn't do during the past ten years during these four months alone. I am really going to get spoiled here with all these possibilities.

I have to figure out how it is possible to live with this stresslessness, this enthusiasm for new things and for learning in Helsinki too. It has to be possible.

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