syyskuuta 14, 2007


Darned, I've sat on the computer so long already writing letters and translating that Emigrate article that I forgot I haven't been here yet. So, what should I write about today?

I haven't really done anything specific today, since I thought I'd tried to diminish the pile of unanswered e-mails a bit. Not that I got hardly anywhere. But I'll get there! Eventually. One day. Take a cup of coffee and wait patiently, please.

This "no television" -thing has still made it more understandable how in the olden days the people had time for all that unending correspondence with friends and families and the odd acquaintances of aunt Mildred's third cousins' from Upper-Nirgends-upon-Avon. In the usual life at home it takes me about six months to answer a letter, here my average time is more akin to a week. That, methinks, is considerable improvement. Prithee and all that to ye olden fellows.

I think I'll go read now. I'll report back tomorrow, since I have plans for this merry day of Saturn.

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