syyskuuta 10, 2007

work, work, work

This has been a very work oriented day. I have worked and surfed the net always occasionally. Gone out for a walk so the cleaning lady could do her work. Worked and surfed some more and that has been it.

It's still been quite a positive day, since I managed to get quite a lot written. One or two quite sensible things too. I have to read through my dissertation very soon and start chopping off bits and pieces that are completely irrelevant. There are plenty of those, but I'm hopefully starting to have enough pages that the bloody thing will tolerate some heavy pruning.

Maybe I'll start tomorrow.

This makes me wonder, whether such an irrational and illogical thing as astrology might have a thing or two going for it. At one point today during my net surfing - as I was feeling just a touch more bored than usual - I checked an astrological site, which is a bit more serious than 99 % of those things. This won't even pretend to tell you that your love life is doing well today and you will win the lottery tomorrow; it's more about long term tendencies in your life based on actual astrological study - whatever that is supposed to be.

This one claimed that because of the movements of dear old Saturn, I am entering into a 2½ years period of order, discipline, determination and hard work - or some such thing. Now astrology of course has no change of working, except if you take it as a self-fulfilling prophecy. I will enter a period of discipline and hard work if I choose to believe that that is what I should do and therefore make it happen.

This is the same site that told me to have courage and make an important decision in the February of 2005, which was also pretty much the last time that I checked the site. Well, I may have been there twice since that, but no more. That decision however turned out to be a good one, so maybe I should actually try and develop some discipline. It did promise more confidence as a long-term reward. That doesn't sound bad.

It also said something about the benefits of soul searching and making important lifestyle decisions. I'll just go think about those now.

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