syyskuuta 04, 2007

Post 2

I did promise a second post today, didn't I? This won't become a habit though. Even if there isn't a TV and I have to get a life to cope with that.

Today's work related activities went quite well - I've transcribed, I've written and I've read. I've had a minor revelation about the importance of the temporal context in the dissertation...

Yep, and then when I thought I had worked enough and the room was getting too small, I headed out. The U-Bahn station is almost directly outside the institute and it doesn't take that long to the city center either - something like 10 to 15 minutes. I did buy a Monatskarte, so I have to use it too. Wouldn't want to waste my money.

The cultural portion of today's activities consists of seeing one church (St. Katharinenkirche) from the inside and the Alte Oper and Frankfurter Börse from the outside. I've also discovered one beautiful park more and come to the conclusion that this is really a very green city. I also went shopping - bought a couple of novels to improve my German and a new CD. It's called Emigrate: the solo-album of a guitarist of this relatively well known German band. You can all guess which one.

Luckily I only had something like 30 euros with me when I went shopping. Otherwise I would have come home with much more than just that one CD. I think I've mentioned it before, but the Germans make the best music in the world by a long shot. I found a local Saturn, you see, and there was this amazing section of Metal/Dark wave/Electronica. There were all these wonderful bands and the CD's cost generally less than in Finland. I have to watch myself or I'll end up spending hundreds of euros there.


Currently listening to: Emigrate - New York City

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