syyskuuta 08, 2007

Forgot the titel, but all fixed now

I found my way to IKEA today. It required a bit of extra effort, since a section of U2 was under reparation and I needed to first find and then walk to the bus stop a station too early. That turned out to be quite easy though, since all the U-Bahn and the bus stations have really good maps.

The driver of the U-Bahn even came to help me, when I was checking the map to find the right bus stop. He was really friendly and took the bother of checking the U-Bahn announcements, because he thought that I should have gotten off already at the previous station. There are announcements, you see, both on the U-Bahns and buses as to which lines you can change to. He was wrong about the bus, but that was still terribly sweet of him. In the end he advised me to take the bus they had arranged to take the passengers to the next station, but I decided to find the bus that went directly to the IKEA anyway. Which, as said, turned out to be very easy because of those maps.

I got some stuff to make the room look cosier. Candles, flowers, a pillow, a blanket - all the usual decorative girly items. I do appreciate the aesthetic viewpoints of life and like beautiful things around me. Beauty – I suppose goes without saying – is naturally a very subjective matter.

After decorating the room I checked what was going on in Frankfurt today and went to see a small street festival here nearby. There was music and food and street vendors and lots of people. I walked around a bit, listened to the music, did some shopping and came home. It wasn’t a breathtaking experience, but quite nice still. What is very nice though is how fast you can get from here where I live to the city. I had no problem going out twice today, which is something I would never do home.

Yep, but now I need to go and eat. I’m getting really hungry.

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