syyskuuta 07, 2007

Weekend approaching

Damn, almost forgot to write today. I was checking how to get to IKEA and the internet is such a time-thief.

Yesterday I was having a bad day, so I just didn't feel like writing. I basically got nothing done. I ended up reading a boring and badly written article and despaired already because of that. I had a meeting with the director of the institute and I was worried about that beforehand, since meeting new people always makes me nervous. He turned out to be really nice and patient though and we had an actual discussion in German, which made me happy for awhile. The other highlight of the day was reading Paolo Coelho's "Veronica Decides to Die". It was sad and a bit scary book. Few people realise so well as Coelho how scary and hopeless life can sometimes be. But in the end it made a bad day a whole lot better and confirmed my decision to decide what I want out of life. Also made me decide to read everyone of Coelho's other books I can get my hands on.

Today was work wise a good day. I also went to the local bank and now have a German account. In addition I fiddled with the Finnish account and if everything went well, I now have a ticket for an Eisbrecher concert. That band, you know, which is second on my list of favourite bands just after Rammstein. The concert takes place in late October and is the only gig they have during the time that I'm here. So I couldn't be too picky about the location, which is not Frankfurt, but Augsburg. That should be a nice, old town though, with more to see than just Eisbrecher. Hehe, I'm doing some traveling for Halloween.

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