syyskuuta 17, 2007

Monday, mooondaaaaaaaaaaaay

I am again very pleased with life.

I got the ticket to the Eisbrecher concert today. It found me even though I forgot to add the "absolutely necessary" order number when I paid it. So I am going to see Eisbrecher! Oh frigging yes!! I hope they do Dornentanz. I love Dornentanz. I love Rappunzel even more, but I bet they don't play that, since it is actually Megaherz and not Eisbrecher. Megaherz being the old band of the singer, so it isn't as far fetched as it sounds.

J and I signed the rental agreement for the apartment, so that is settled. Quite pleased about that too. Dear sisters, be prepared, since this means that I'm going to ask to you to go and do something about that mountain of clothes that got left behind in the living room. Will get back to you on that one.

I was also just now to listen to a Polish doctorand talking about her dissertation project. I'm almost sure that she was one of the people who I met at the summer course here few years ago. I'm not sure, so I have to go and see her to find out.

Yep, but the thing that added to the "I am again very pleased with life" was that I managed to get my mouth open and ask a couple of very basic, but relatively important methodological questions. The people who were so to say "running the show" seemed to appreciate them. I'm very big on reading body-language, you know. Difficult language, but I do claim I can interpret it relatively well. Jup, but it was not just body language. One of the organisers came to me right after the meeting was over, rather enthusiastically for that, and asked me if I would like to talk about my project. Yep, yep, yep.

I also finally re-introduced myself to Professor S - I know, I should have done that two weeks ago, but you know me, I don't like going to talk to people - and he seemed very pleased to meet me again and suggested we go have lunch someday. He also asked about common friends, so greetings from him!

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