syyskuuta 20, 2007

Should I go to the store?

This was not the best of all possible days. A couple of things that I need to get done have started to pile up. They involve talking to people and finding new places and so I've kept postponing them. It's just three or four relatively easy things, but they are starting to bug me. It's annoying that even such small things can disrupt my blissfully stress free state of mind.

The other thing was this get-together at the institute, a small farewell thing for a couple of people who are leaving. I was asked to come at lunch and so I decided to go. It's just that I didn't remember how awkward social situations are when you basically don't know anyone. Especially if you hardly speak the language. I mean, those things can be dreadfully annoying and stressful even if you do know people and speak the language. Yeah, let's just say that I left very early.

I wish I had chocolate.

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