syyskuuta 27, 2007

Heute haben wir Donnerstag

I've been trying to learn some German again today, but I don't know why the words and prepositions just won't stick to my head. Maybe I'm using too many languages at the same time. Swedish for the cases, Finnish for writing, English here and the net, both of the latter for thinking just in general... Some days I just don't need German at all.

I did today, since I finally went to the Bürgeramt to register. You are apparently supposed to go and let the official folks know your address every time you move - and in the case of foreigners they also sent the info onwards to some other official folks. For the people from the old EU countries it is very easy and they didn't even want to see any of the papers the institute told me to take along.

After that I went to the local Saturn again to do some shopping. I am now a happy owner of CD's from Apocalyptica, Subway to Sally, Diary of Dreams and Marilyn Manson. Yay.

Yep. It's been raining all day long and the autumn is finally clearly on its way. I think I'll go light some tealights now. Some tea might not be bad either.

And then I will again write some.

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