syyskuuta 10, 2006

It's getting late

I have not written in more than two months. A mountain of two months that one needs to dig one's way through to reach this very page. And then the question remains whether one should pour the mountain back here or whether it's okay to leave it behind and just start fresh.

Choices, choices.

Well, if I'm going to tell you about my summer, it is not going to be today. I'm going to listen to a few more songs and build up my favourite list on You tube - and then today will be fast on its way to yesterday. I have just discoverd You tube properly, so my fingers still itch. Or rather my ears. More importantly than discovering You tube, you see, I've discovered In Extremo, Oomph! and Unheilig. I really have a serious thing for heavier German music right now. Bloody brilliant.

During this weekend I've also had the chance to listen to other kind of music. I went to another dissertation party yesterday, but this was not totally traditional. The new Doctor of Laws was from Cameroon and therefore we got treated to Cameroonian music, dance and food. It was really quite fascinating. I bet this was the only disputation party I'll ever attend, where God's blessing was asked for the occasion. I also got to be one of the people who were asked to dance the first dance before opening the floor to everyone. I was paired with the current or the former president of the Cameroonian association in Finland. I think he was the current president; a very polite guy.

Cameroonian food was also a very exotic experience - some of it very good, some very hot and spicy, some with a taste that would take some getting used to. Yeah. I'm very glad I got invited to the party. Not something you see everyday.

I had a small party today too, at home in honour of my birthday. Which, of course, was already a week ago, but better late than never. I was at my grandparent's summer cabin anyway last week to celebrate my birthday - staring at the lake and pretending it was still summer. That has gotten pretty much impossible this week. Cold and rain.

Yes, autumn is here. Start of a new year. In many ways autumn - the beginning of a new school year and my birthday - is much more a beginning of a new year than January ever is. What better way to start it than with a nice birthday party.

I'm 32 - not really old, not anymore young.

Quite a nice age.