elokuuta 31, 2007

The summer is over

The summer is over and it's only three days until my plane takes off. Frankfurt - here I come.

In honour of the forthcoming three months and some three weeks in Germany I've decided to resurrect my blog. One remembers things so much better when one has marked something down, don't you think? At least I do. I think I've mentioned it before, but I have an appallingly bad memory when it comes to past occurrences - and all sorts of things in general, actually.

It's much nicer when one remembers things that have happened, instead of some years being just more or less total blanks. People mention things that have taken place and then the memory of them sometimes comes back to you, but so actively I can't remember them. Like today someone brought up a trip to Lapland we took a few years back and it took me a few seconds to dig up the memory of that. I remember the trip now, but some of it gets mixed up with another one that took place around the same time and partially in the company of the same people. And there are so many details that I can't remember at all. The thing with the memory is that if you can't remember things, it's almost as if they haven't happened at all.

I wish to remember Frankfurt. I wish to remember this summer too. There were some great moments. I loved painting the summer cottage, I loved that one evening sitting in the swing when everything was beautiful enough to cry for, I loved last Sunday evening in Kaipiainen with candles burning, music playing and a fire in the fireplace. You know, the wonderful, stress free moments when all the demands of the world seem very far away.

This has been a good week too. Monday to the movies and out to dinner with the girls, Tuesday and Wednesday to Vaasa and yesterday to see S and her new baby - and today the farewell party at work (thank you btw to everyone who came and for the beautiful present) and then sitting two hours at the hairdressers, which was very relaxing. Now I have a weekend of packing and cleaning up to look forward to, since I haven't even begun.

I should also practice my German. It's still viel zu schlecht and I'm a bit worried about it. More than a bit actually. I'm a touch perfectionistic about languages and would really prefer to use them only if I know them well. I suppose that goes for everything actually. But I think I've said that before too.