syyskuuta 29, 2005

Enlightenment philosophers

I haven’t managed to write anything here in two weeks. Partly because I’m still not hundred percent convinced that this is a good idea; partly because I’ve been really busy preparing study courses. Now – I am happy to say – I know far more about the Roman institution of mancipatio and Rousseau’s thoughts on how a society ought to be ruled.

That’s what I should be doing right this minute. Finding out why Bertrand Russell thought that Rousseau wasn’t really a philosopher, what Cesare Beccaria said about torture and legal procedure and learning about “The Cultural Origins of the French Revolution”. But sometimes a girl just needs a break. It’s good for concentration and energy levels and all…that…sort…of…things… to go through the Rammstein-forums and write a word or two here once in awhile, isn’t it? I mean really? No? Okay, fine, it is procrastination, but it can still be good for you. And I really have been busy. I’ve gotten more done in four weeks than, well, since November last year.

The key to getting things done is....da-daa....motivation. MOTIVATION. It deserves to be written in big, bold letters. If you are motivated enough, you can get anything done. If you should not be motivated, then... Well, as they say “the years run like sand through your fingers”. Hmm, I wonder if someone actually said that.

There is still nothing in my mailbox. I’m supposed to be getting an e-mail from the sitemeter. Sorry people, but I like to know if someone is actually reading my ramblings. It won’t identify you personally anyway. Tested and tried; the empirical case to prove this is that the sitemeter happily claims you to be in Helsinki, even if you are actually sitting at your computer in Imatra. But anyway, if no-one does read this, I might as well stop and concentrate on writing other stuff. Of course the thing is that if I do wish people to read, I probably ought to tell them, that I am writing this diary in the first place.

- Really?
- Yeah, I think that might help the popularity of this place.
- Popularity?!!
- Oh, shut up.

And I am not sure I want to do that. I have no problem with people from the internet-community knowing the weirdest things about me, but telling “real people”, the ones I know/see/meet/talk to – you know the drill – do I want them to know me this well. I should. This could definitely be seen as one of those ways to get out of the old bad behavioural habits. And it’s not like I can’t choose what I write here. Freedom of will, and all that. Bugger, I really have to get back to the philosophers.

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