syyskuuta 29, 2005

two weeks ago

This was actually written already on the 15th of September, but I am adding it now anyway.

I am watching the Simpsons and writing at the same time.

I think on paper. I need time to formulate thoughts and ideas, which is why I am so horrendously bad at conversations. By the time I come up with something sensible to say the birds have flown to south and returned. But on paper, sometimes, I can be smart; on occasion, even if rarely, even witty. I’m never witty in real life. But then again, if you are bothering to read, you probably know me, and then you knew that already. But that’s why I am writing anyway. Because I want to think and I don’t seem to be able to organise my thoughts without writing. Not today anyway. Here in Imatra I regress and become a teenager again.

It’s raining and I am so full of chocolate that I am starting to feel sick. Chocolate and cola – the perfect diet. And the cat is eating the flowers again. She must be hungry, but she really has no-one to blame but herself. She refuses to eat her food and it’s not like she hasn’t been given different kinds of choices. The pickiest animal I’ve ever met.

Ok, Simpsons over. One of the old political episodes: money doesn’t make you happy and you shouldn’t sacrifice the important things for social advancement. Yesterday it was Bush Sr. -bashing. Go, Simpsons. ;-) Now Will and Grace. Haven’t watched an episode in years and I’m starting to remember why. If you would have to make a character judgment about the Americans based on the comedies they make, you would think that they were all superficial bimbos with the emotional range of seven year olds. It’s all too…cheerful. I’m glad I actually know some Americans to prove that theory wrong.

More cola. We’re all living in Amerika, coca-cola, wonderbra. I love Rammstein.

I don’t like Grace’s coat. It’s too fancy. I’ve noticed that lately I’ve started to dislike the way some people are obsessed with the way they look like. I can hardly watch some of the American reality shows; the worst thing is that it is slowly spreading. If Americans wish to value superficial bimboism, what is it to me? But now they are starting to do it here too.

The disturbing ad for the Love and Anarchy -festival is on again: the little boy butchering the sun flowers. It’s beautifully shot, but it’s seriously disturbing, which of course is the point.

Moving on. Bloody hell. I thought it was time for Louis Theroux already, but it’s the 3rd rock from the sun. Re-runs. There was a reference to the show in some movie earlier last week: someone didn’t realise that the 3rd rock from the sun referred to Earth.

I really am a slow writer. Which is hardly surprising, considering what I said about needing time to formulate thoughts. I’m also watching stupid shows at the same time, so maybe that’s something of an excuse.

Hmm, I don’t know the punctuation rules in English. That’s one thing they never taught us in school. “They’re not the same as in Finnish”, “You don’t really need to know”. And therefore I do not know the punctuation rules in English. Hardly necessary either, but does make you look like a dimwit.

I’ve never watched Louis Theroux before. I don’t have Sub-TV at home. I bought the digi-box, but I can’t make it to work. And usually I’m good with that kind of stuff.

This is supposed to be the last episode. About neo-Nazis in America. That fascinates me. How some people can hate others based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or some other similar attribute? I am not quite sure what the angle here is. Finding out what Nazis really look like? A documentary about Tom Metzger, he says. To find out how some people can really think like that, then? They look so normal and yet their world-view is so twisted by hatred. This documentary doesn’t really explain though, why they feel what they feel. And they are so strong in their beliefs, so very certain that they have discovered some truth that the others can’t see. Hah, it’s like religion. This brainwashing of eleven year olds is truly disturbing. How are they going to ever have a chance to grow up normal, when they are being fed these ideas from such a young age? Will they be capable of independent thought when they leave home?

Well, what did that leave us with? Feeling sorry for two pretty little girls, who will probably grow up hopelessly indoctrinated, and laughing at Tom Metzger, who seems genuinely rather pathetic. It also left one with the feeling that the skinhead / neo-Nazi –movement in America isn’t very influential or organised. That is a good thing of course, but it can lead to belittling the problem and not seeing the need to acknowledge it or deal with it. The Americans sometimes seem to feel that they don’t really have a problem with neo-Nazis; that it is something that only the Europeans suffer from.

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