joulukuuta 01, 2005


I haven't mentioned the R-word in a long time, have I? They have a new video out. I'd post you a link, but there are no legal ones out yet.

They are playing priests and monks and criticising some of the practises of the catholic church among other things. And of course just generally looking gorgeous; food for eye, ear and mind. Just take a look and tell me that isn't the most gorgeous man you've ever seen.

And now they gasp and ask what the hell does she see in him? Well, let me just quote a poem from him and maybe you'll get it.
Er traf ein Mädchen das war blind
Geteiltes Leid und gleichgesinnt
Sah einen Stern vom Himmel gehen
Und wünschte sich sie könnte sehen
Sie hat die Augen aufgemacht
Verließ ihn noch zur selben Nacht

(He met a girl who was blind
shared pain and alike of mind
she saw a shooting star
and wished to have her sight
opened her eyes
and left him the very same night)

Do you get it? No? Well, no matter. I do and that's enough.

I'll think I'll go now and see the video one more time.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

First of all, alas, I don't have your eyes for beauty. That man is not (at all!) "gorgeous". But love is blind...

Secondly I have to correct that poem, cos it matters a lot. In my opinion it's he who sees the star and wishes her to see. And I would say that it is sorrow they shared. But that is a small difference.

- I know. I tend to be. Sorry.

Mie kirjoitti...

Beauty is a many splendored thing... It's all in the mind, all in the mind. ;-)

Leid - pain, sorrow, suffering; the important thing is that they understand each other. And understand sorrow in the first place; not all people do.

You could be right about him wanting her to have her sight back. In a way that makes the poem even more tragic. Good point!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Of course I'm right. I always am. Besides how could she see a falling star? His desire to help her is genuine and the payback swift.

Love is blind, you shouldn't always try to make that other one to see more clearly. (See! What am I doing?) She might not really like what she sees. Mind's eye sees only what you desire it to see.

There is a Gaiman story about Desire and how it/she/he can be deceitful. (An Endless story. You might know?)

Mie kirjoitti...

I bow before your wisdom. ::she says humbly and backs away quietly; blind girls seeing stars indeed::

::cough:: smart ass ;-) ::cough::

"Mind's eye sees only what you desire it to see." That's very true, and well said. But sometimes we also mistakenly believe that if the other person could see more clearly, they would not like what they see. And that's tragic - and terribly appealing.

Endless story? No, I haven't heard of it. Is that Neil Gaiman? See, Google truly is a girl's best friend.