helmikuuta 02, 2006

Naked future

You remember when I claimed to be tired yesterday? Well, it turned out that I wasn't physically all that tired after all, since it was 2 o'clock before I went to bed. Yesterday, you see, was the first showing of Rammstein's new video "Mann gegen Mann" on German MTV and one just had to wait until someone posted a copy of it on the net. MGM is their gay-video (pro-gay of course) and most of them are playing naked on it, so...well, one just HAD to wait.

And I can say that it was definitely worth it.

On a totally different note I've realised today that if I actually wish to become a researcher, I have to change my attitude to doing things. I don't know if I have ever really truly hundred-percently believed that I could have a career in research, but now I suddenly do. My financing runs out at the end of this year and now this week there has been talk of couple of hypothetical - very, very hypothetical - options for the next few years. I am not going to tell you about them, since I believe that if you talk of things before they are certain they will never come to pass.

But possibly-never-occuring-hypothetical-options aren't an important thing in themselves. What is important is that they create a future, give person a reason to invest in this job, make it sensible and worthwile suddenly. It is also nice to notice that other people see it as kind of natural that you would and could continue and have faith in your capabilities. Very exciting all of this.

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