helmikuuta 27, 2006

Sun still shining

A good day today. I stayed home and fiddled with my dissertation. Now it looks far more sensible again and after I get all my notes inserted, I may just find out that I have written far more than I thought. Eeexcellent. Perhaps one now dares to go “back to the sources” and leave the writing for a little while, despite all my promises. One needs to adjust to the demands of the situation when the occasion so requires after all. Yup, I have to go through all the stuff that I already have and then pick up the phone and reserve a room from the guesthouse of the University of Vaasa once more. Have I mentioned that I really like that place.

I went and bought the headphones today and gave the keyboard a second try. I’m still having serious difficulties in getting right hand play one thing, and the left hand another. Neither have I yet quite mastered the half and quarter notes, and the songs tend to sound a bit unrecognisable. Fun though.

I am also very fond of my new ministereos , which I bought a couple of weeks ago. The sound is nowhere near perfect – big surprise since they were again the cheapest thing that could be found in the store – but so much better than playing cd’s on the computer. Couch, a book, a big cup of tea and something nice playing – is there anything much better than that. I have also to my horror discovered that I really like Coldplay and CMX. Damn, I’m feeling a little traitorous now (inside Rammstein joke, so don’t wonder if you didn’t get it).

Okay, let’s see if I can connect to blogger now.

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