maaliskuuta 04, 2007

Computers and writing

Well, well, it's really been a while, since I've last been here. But - thanks to the lovely comment of S - I'm once more sitting in front of this familiar screen clicking the buttons. (Thank you muchly, brought a smile to my face! :D) But alas, I am also sitting in front of my desk and not on my lovely couch, the common abode for my scribbling activities. This is due to the sad fact that the new computer - which I purchased just before that merry event called x'mas - decided before it had quite turned a month old that it did not like to function.

Since I am as lazy as ever and apparently destined to remain so, the computer has sat on my couch at work now for quite a few days, weeks and soon months waiting to go and see a nice computer doctor. The old computer still works - thereby not hastening my need to take the new one to the aforementioned nice computer doctor - but since it is already old and cranky, it needs to be held steadily on an object such as an table and not precariously on one's lap. Otherwise it will soon claim that it is not getting enough power and will end up deader than a spitting spider in a cow's stomach. Not a happy condition for blogging or any other sort of computer-related writing activities.

And writing is what I've been doing and what I should do. Writing at work is at the moment going quite well (that pesky dissertation you may remember). I've also managed to produce the first poetry analysis for the literature class I've been taking with my sister, and yesterday I finally took the Classics test. Now I've analysed heroism in Kalevala and the man's dualistic nature in Kallas and feel, ah, so wise. Bothersomely I also feel troubled by the annoying fact that I had much more fun writing the freaking poetry essay than I have contemplating writing the paper for the doctoral seminar, which should have been done by Wednesday... Which I was supposed to be writing today... And did I? As if!

I have been writing this weekend, but just not anything I should. I started a new story yesterday, but couldn't bring myself to continue it today. So I dug up an old barely started story, which goes by the name of "Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned". Isn't that original? I started that one already a couple of months ago, feeling pissed at a certain otherwise lovely male person in the wonderful world of forums, who chose to call me boring. In retrospect he may have had some reason, but at the time I needed to vent my feelings and so a charming little revenge fantasy was born. Or a beginning of one. It only has ten pages so far, but maybe this baby will have the chance to mature.

I think I will post yesterday's scribblings in "Pieniä ajatuksia elämästä ja kuolemasta". In Finnish, I'm afraid, that one.

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Unknown kirjoitti...

My laptop is very, very slow and I've been saying that I need to take it to the shop for a proper clean. I started saying that one year! And yes: vey happy to see you back :)