maaliskuuta 06, 2007

Winter vs Spring

Yuck! I baked muffins and now I'm as stuffed as an owl in a bio class. Why does one always have to eat too much of the sweet stuff?

I stayed home today to finish the seminar paper. Ended up being a bit of c&p job from my disseration, but I did manage to write something too. And I have to say it was much more fun than I thought it would be. Just as easy and fast to write as the poetry paper. I think that is due to the fact that I've finally gotten around to reading and analysing the actual cases from the 18th century and therefore I actually have something new to say. Yup, yup, yup... Research at its best is a fun thing to do.

After finishing the paper I went out for a walk. At a right and proper time too. The sun was shining - mostly - the birds were singing and it almost felt like spring. It was a couple of degrees above zero and here and there you could actually see that the snow was trying to melt. Unfortunaly after a couple of hours it was again snowing - or perhaps sleeting - so it wasn't much of a spring. But the hope of a spring is already there and that is already enough to make one feel a little joyous.

I have mentioned that I am not a winter person, haven't I? Although this winter I have - for the first time in probably about fifteen years - gone to skiing. Altogether three times. Thanks to my sister. Yep, I actually bought a pair of skis and have practiced outdoor winter sports. Who would have thought of that.

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Unknown kirjoitti...

Like you I'm also not a winter person at all! If I complain with 0 degrees here in London I don't know what I would do there!! I'm afraid I have to say I could never live there!