huhtikuuta 09, 2006

Creative crisis in D-minor

I have practised the fine art of cleaning this weekend. Laundry done, dishes washed, bathroom cleaned, house vacuumed and one cat spooked out. The house is spotless - well, more spotless than it was Friday anyway - the plants have been resoiled, the balcony furnished for the summer and the kitchen furniture moved around accordingly, since it now lacks one shelf. I have also practised my kitchen skills and prepared salmon soup. Nowhere near the best salmon soup I've ever eaten, but still good. Next time I'll skip the green pea's though.

The question is what else have I done? Does sudokus and net-surfing count? Stuffing more chocolate and liquorice into m'body? I was planning to try and write something today. Perhaps I should just get on with that. The only thing is that I'm annoyed with all of my old stories. They are naïve and pointless. You can only write something good, if you have something to say, so what is it that I want to say exactly? That we should beware of people who want to nuke their problems out of existance? I don't know if you noticed it, but there was a small news clip in the paper this morning; it said that the US is thinking of nuking Iran, because Bush and his cronies are convinced that the Iranian president is a new Hitler. Wasn't that a happy piece of information? It's also an ingenious final solution. If you wish to prevent anyone from ever using nuclear weapons - since those dastardly little things can kill people and all - go and kill all the people who might use them. "Ich muss zerstören, doch es darf nicht mir gehören...."

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