huhtikuuta 07, 2006

Music and chocolate

Not even with all the best of intentions.... Yep, I don't seem to be able to manage anymore the same kind of enthusiasm for my poor little blog than I did in the beginning. Is it already a year since I started writing my blog? Hmm, almost, a couple more weeks to go, it seems. My first entry (Margyarad, not here) seems to be from the 22nd of April last year.

It's been quite a good week again. Yesterday was my turn to teach on that methodology course for post-graduate students that I mentioned some time ago: mentality history and Fernand Braudel's concept of historical time. It went much much better than last year and I'm quite happy with the lesson. It does indeed help if you actually understand what you are teaching.

Since I had such an arduous time preparing for the course earlier this week, I took it a bit easier today. I stayed home, stuffed myself with candy from "Hullut päivät" and took a break from working in the middle of the day to watch a German children's movie from TV. Now, why would she do that? Watch a kids' movie? Probably to learn German, you may guess. Or could it have something to do with the fact that everyone's favourite singer, that big bloke from Rammstein, was playing one of the bad guys? Would she skip the pleasures of working just to see Till throw some muscle around? Now that is the question...

Wednesday I went to the release party of Montevideo's debut album "Come clean". My sister's boyfriend plays in the band, so I was invited to come along too. They were playing in a nice little place called Belly. Not a whole lot of people in there, but the atmosphere was good. And so was the music. They got four stars in today's Helsingin Sanomat and rightly so, I say. They really are very good.

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