huhtikuuta 09, 2006

Just had to tell you...

...that I've written five pages already! Goooood flow. I love writing!!!

One of these days I'm going to get carried away and let you read something of mine, and then you can tell me if I really suck. This current one is in Finnish and sort of semi-autobiographical, which is perhaps why it is so far rather easy to write.

Hmm, when my financing runs out and I won't get any money, I can always sell the apartment and move to Goa or to my grandparents' old house. With all that money I should be able to survive nearly four years. I can sunbath, shovel snow, grow potatoes, pick berries, write books, read books, learn languages, listen to music, play the keyboard, meditate and be good to mother nature. Is it weird that I actually find that tempting?

This is my hundredth post by the way. Kind of wasted, huh?

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Not wasted at all. Keep writing and believing in more than what meets the common eye - 100 is a good number! :) Good movie pick by the way.