lokakuuta 12, 2005

Hullut päivät

”Hullut päivät” are here again (that’s the biannual sale of one of the biggest department stores in Finland for those of you, who have never seen the people take to the streets with their yellow plastic bags). I remembered again why I never venture beyond the first floor during the Hullut päivät. I am not that keen on crowds and during the three days there are always plenty. I got some CD’s – S.O.A.D. and Maija Vilkkumaa and...da-daa...Benzin. Having listened to it once I can say that the re-mixes are even worse than I thought, the original is fine but I already had it, nice pics on the booklet but had seen those too and the booklet itself is a cardboard (?) one. The Apocalyptica remix is still called Kerosinii, so no answer to the question whether that is a misspelling or a deliberate choice.

I also got the latest edition of Soundi with a long article about R+. It’s nice, with some good snippets of information, but not the best of interviews – Paul talks a lot, but doesn’t say terribly much this time. I promised to translate it, too.

I also bought some books: Umberto Eco’s “Foucault’s Pendulum”, which sounds fascinating, The Chronicles of Narnia, which I have managed not to read this far, and...a second da-daa...Kalevala, which I also haven’t read. Such gaps in one’s education. I’ve read more of Iliad than of Kalevala, tschk, tschk me. Another question is of course when I will have time to read all these books.

So music, books and chocolate, and some more chocolate, and still more chocolate, and lemon liquorice. Who needs anything else?

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Tom Scott kirjoitti...

Good luck with Umberto Eco. I got interested after the middle ages murder mystery "In the Name of the Rose" and picked up Pendulum. It was so boring and translated from Italian into English, I think somebody missed the point. One should not need to look up four words per page. UGH!

Mie kirjoitti...

Thanks! I haven't started yet with Eco, but I'm still hoping he'll turn out to be a fascinating read. I haven't read "In the Name of the Rose"; I saw it as a movie once an eternity ago and I think I was a tad too young then to appreciate all the finer points. It could have also been the fact that it was either Christmas or New Year's and I was having difficulties in concentrating on the movie. ;-)