lokakuuta 20, 2005

I want to go home

I am cold, tired and I have a headache. It feels like a draft coming from somewhere and a wicked little goblin has moved inside my skull to play “squeeze” with my brains. I want to go home, I want food and something hot to drink, a warm blanket and a movie. I think today is the day when I will finally load the DVD with “Goodbye Lenin” and see if it is as good as everyone says.

Yep, I’m gone as soon as I have written this. Off to see whether the bus or train is today’s choice of transport. I wish I would live as close to the University as my sister. I like their apartment. It’s ten minutes walk from the Uni, you can see the sea from their living room window and it’s all beautiful old buildings, boats of all shapes and sizes, parks and just generally peace and quiet when you go out and walk the dog at night. Okay, my neighbourhood is relatively peaceful too, but there is no way anybody could ever call it beautiful. It’s your typical 70’s suburb, which says it all. Yeah, next time I move, it’s definitely back to the centre or then properly to the country. Now I only have to win the lottery, or I’ll either end up living in a kitchen closet or a hundred kilometres from Helsinki.

Cannot...write...anymore, the goblin has moved into my stomach and has started to devour it. I need food. Apparently three mandarins, one chocolate cookie and some chocolate raisins is not enough for lunch.

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