tammikuuta 14, 2006

In the eastern lands

I'm here. The roads were good and for the most part nearly empty. I had to get annoyed at the slow driving people only after Somerharju - seriously, it's more hazardous to be driving ten kilometres per hour too slow than too fast. Perhaps not for the person driving, but everone else behind him. Snailing along makes you irritated, sleepy and is a bitch for concentration. Luckily I got past them relatively quickly and made it here in little less than three hours and ten minutes. With one stop and considering it's winter that's a really good time.

It's a real winter here. Not like home, where I noticed this morning that I can now see green lawn even from my kitchen window. In a way nice, I guess. I can do long wintery walks - and for those days when I can't be bothered, I took my mini stepper here with me. I used it once earlier this week, but before that I haven't touched it in years. I hate using it at home, since it is LOUD. It's okay for the first ten minutes or so, but then it starts squeaking and moaning like mad. I think it secretly wants to be a bed in a porn movie and practises with all the sound effects. Seriously, when I was still putting it into good use some five years ago, the downstairs neighbour one day came to complain about the noise. The look on her face pretty much said it all when she casually remarked that they had been wondering about the noise with her husband. Yep, mini stepper was sent into the corner to gather dust and I learned that when buying exercise equipment it is never a good idea to get the cheapest thing.

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