tammikuuta 17, 2006

Tyr's day

Fire is beautiful. It’s minus fourteen outside and I’ve been using the fireplace earlier today and now the sauna is warming up again. The cold weather is a lovely excuse to stare at the fire.

I’ve been busy work wise. Read my 200+ pages (since Saturday), written more than two pages thus far and spent six hours transcribing the judgments from 1780 (since yesterday). No conclusions to tell you yet, but if someone tells you that the concept Grand duchy (suuriruhtinaskunta / storfurstendömet) was used of Finland only in the Russian times, you can tell them to bugger off. Finland is called Storfurstendömet already in those documents from the 1780 – and probably had been for a long time before that, but don’t ask me how long. Can’t be bothered to google now for the answer to that question.

Off to sauna now, will be back in a bit. I need to go wash off my facial mask: I’m trying to prettify myself again and the mask is starting to be more than dry.

Back now, cleansed and nourished. What else have I done? I have been out for a walk every day, continued my healthy life and I am happy to record that since the beginning of the aforementioned “healthy life” I’ve already lost altogether three kilos. Two more and it should show, six more and I am hopefully happy. Right now I’m just happy that I don’t even want chocolate and that this time healthy life has continued past two weeks.

Other than healthy life, and work, and sauna, and TV and sudokus, and Günter Grass (who is excellent and fast on his way to my list of favourite writers), I haven’t really done anything. Maybe I’ll go out and buy some milk tomorrow.

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