tammikuuta 13, 2006

Polite little boys and booksales.

I have learned today that not all wee lads are impolite little monsters. I was coming back from work today a bit earlier than usual, must’ve been around 3.30 when I passed the daycare centre close to my house. A little boy – probably somewhere between 4-6 years of age, I absolutely cannot tell how old children are – asked me to pass him a little red ball which they had accidentally hit on the wrong side of the fence (playing something they were). And – this is the point – he asked me if I could give it back using the polite you. Such a little thing and he knows how to use the polite you and to say thank you. I was quite impressed.

I went to that bookstore I was talking about yesterday and realised that I don’t need to leave in any pre-orders, since their sale had already started too. I did my best navigating through the throngs and came home eight books richer and nearly 50 euros poorer. There were only two books that I really wanted that I couldn’t find anymore and the rest I decided to leave after a closer inspection. Now I have some more nice books just waiting to be read: Vasili Grossman, Niko Kazantzakis, Günter Grass, Bernhard Schlink, Thomas More, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, V. S. Naipaul’s non-fictional book about Islamic culture and the odd book about the roots of the Christ-worship in pagan rituals, which I cannot tell whether it is written with a serious intent or whether it’s just sensational popularism. We’ll find out after reading it, won’t we?

It’s seven o’clock and I’m insanely tired. The house looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in two weeks – which is more or less true – which means that in addition to packing I also need to do some cleaning up (bollocks!) before heading to Imatra tomorrow. I’m hoping to leave before one o’clock so I don’t need to drive in the dark for that long. I guess I should start cleaning up now, but I’m really not going to. I’m going to have something to eat, some more tea – I have developed a serious tea addiction – and then either sleep, read, watch some television or see what the wonderful world of web has to offer. Absolutely – nothing – useful.

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