tammikuuta 03, 2008

Let's see if I can keep the blog alive

I am home again after the holidays. Have been for two days now. Or actually, in fact, right now I am still at work, since I have no internet connection at home. Cursing at this crappy computer, which gives the university a bad name.

I am also wondering whether I would be able to survive without an internet at home. It is such a time thief, bloody thing. On the other hand it is perhaps my most important method of communication and do I want to hang around at work blogging on evenings? No, I do not. On the other hand I don't necessarily have to, if I do what I did today. I was at work already at bloody 7.30 and spent even the bloody train trip reading on past legal texts. It's only 2.30 and I have already worked for seven and a half hours. And bloody productively too.

Yesterday morning did not look too good workwise. I trudged to the university through hail and wondered again at how ugly Helsinki is. I spent probably couple of hours staring at my papers until J turned up. She gave me some lists and files and updated me on all the assistant stuff - after which I had to start immediately preparing an examination, which will take place tomorrow. And that, I tell you, was a very good thing. I've always rather liked preparing exams, making questions, usually I even enjoy grading the papers. It feels useful and one can immediately see the results of one's labours.

Somehow because of that I started to look at research more optimistically too. I didn't feel like writing at all yesterday, but I decided to read one of those articles I scanned in Frankfurt. A little thing by Regina Ogorek, which was wonderful. She finally explained what applying natural law can mean in practice. I had been wondering about that now absolutely for ages, but had remained as ignorant as a duck in a shoe shop.

And today, today I have written. I have managed nearly four pages and I think that this approach may even work. And I've done all sorts of assistenty thingies and been to the library and to lunch and chatted with people. I have - in fact - rather been enjoying work for the past two days. Now we just have to see how long I can keep this positive attitude going on this time. In the past my after-holiday work euphoria has never lasted more than two months at the very most, but we'll see.

Now, methinks, I will soon head out to do some shopping. I definitely need a hat of some sort. It was only -3 degrees today, but counting in the wind it was still positively freezing. Yesterday I didn't have time for anything other than grocery shopping. My fridge was totally empty after the German Experience, so I went and spent some dineros on food. Things I learned in Germany. "It is nice to eat well". Very, very cheap, but well. Or not necessarily even well, but more like...regularly. Something other than sandwiches and chocolate every day.

After that I went to pick up my cat. Living with people who aren't gone from the house all the time seems to have been rather good for her. She is much more trusting of people now and I think we are going to get along a little better. I was starting to get a little tired of her, since she did nothing but hide and run away. I haven't had the time and opportunity to concentrate on writing lately, but one day she will become a character in a story. Someone with a tragic childhood. Yep, yep.

Big thanks to all the people who looked after the kitty while I was gone!

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