tammikuuta 07, 2008

Snow, snow, snow

This coupling of research and the assistant business is working real well so far. Doing practical things keeps one content and feeling useful. It is important to do things that also benefit someone other than myself and doing research obviously doesn’t. The assistant business on the other hand does. I have made three students a bit more content already today and that is a day well spent. Two of them actually sounded very pleased.

My new plan of writing three pages per day is also going quite well. It’s my new schedule: three pages per day, sixty pages per month and therefore 300 pages by the end of May. I can reuse all the pages that I already have, if I want – as long as I have a finished manuscript ready in five months. So far so good; I’ve been writing today about poor blind Anna Margaretha and her greedy uncles. Mwahwahwa. I like my new approach. The methodology book one of the Norwegians sent me is also proving quite useful. It is full of grammatical errors, which bug me – I’m discovering a happy little editor in myself – but the content is quite promising.

Yep, yep. Now I need to go and do some shopping again.

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