tammikuuta 10, 2008

It's so quiet here

Dum, dum-da, dum; dum, dum, daa... What should I write about today? I've had a very nice day, but I haven't actually done anything all that specific. I'm just so generally enjoying myself. Enjoying people. There are some very nice people around here in this faculty, I can tell you. For instance coffee breaks can be a fun thing.

I've been trying to boycott television and internet. Did I write about that already? Well, I have been watching Simpsons, since one needs some entertainment, but otherwise no telly. I've been going to bed after nine like little children, so there has hardly been any chance for it either. This is also a fact that has led me to notice that all the good shows and movies start very late. I've never paid attention to that before, since I watched them anyway, but now I have become old and want my eight hours of sleep.

I've also noticed that the days are very short. Even though I get up at six, I am never home before 5.30. Go to get some groceries and it takes an hour more. Something to eat, reading the paper for which you had no time in the morning, perhaps doing the dishes... There isn't that much time left after all of that. Boycotting the television - except for the Simpsons - and the internet makes it feel longer though. I've had time to read and write and even make attempts at meditation. Makes the week feel longer in a good way.

Jep. Yawn. I'll go home now.

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